08 September 2012

IEC 61400-2 edition 3: small wind turbines (CDV) published

The CDV for 61400-2 edition 3 has now been circulated 24 Aug 2012 (in bilingual french & english format) under IEC reference 88/437/CDV with a closing date 25-Jan-2012. It took a little bit longer than expected for the MT2 committee to complete the work of putting it into dual english & french format.

The responses to the comments on the CD that explain how/why decisions were taken in writing the CDV was circulated in a 'CC' document 88/417A/CC circulated 8-Jun-2012.

This pair of documents have both been circulated through two different routes. The IEC have sent them to all countries' national committees, and from the national committees the go to the corresponding small wind technical committees in the countries. Separately the MT2 committee members have all received these two documents directly. That way we can be reasonably sure that they are being widely disseminated.

There is a very important sentence at the beginning of this IEC 61400-2 ed 3 standard, in the Section 1: Scope which says, "Any of the requirements of this standard may be altered if it can be suitably demonstrated that the safety of the turbine system is not compromised." This is important because it shows that the standard should not be thought of as a barrier to innovation.

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Once again many thanks to all members of and contributors to the IEC 61400-2 committee MT2.

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