14 January 2009

Warwick Wind Trial seminar 13 Jan 2009 - presentations

Yesterday the Warwick Wind Trial final results seminar took place.

From an Ampair perspective the trial has tended to confirm what we suspected about urban grid-connected microwind, i.e. technologically difficult, unconvincing wind resource albeit actually marginally better than we anticipated, and challenging economics for everyone. Nevertheless it was pleasing to see that Ampair had the highest annual power output, the highest capacity factor, and the most honest power curve. For the time being Ampair will sell into the grid connected urban microwind segment but only to customers who insist on purchasing, and who understand the limitations.

Here is a list of the speakers and the files of their presentations:

Results of the Warwick Wind Trials
- David Hailes, Encraft
- Helen Brown, Encraft

Current Academic Work on Microwind
- Prof Simon Watson, Loughborough University

An Industry Perspective
- David Sharman, Ampair

New Tools and Techniques for Wind Predicion
- Henrietta Stock, Carbon Trust

Economic Opportunities for Small Wind in the UK
- Alex Murley, BWEA

Noise Issues and Installations Standards for Small Wind Turbines
- Dr Panagiota Pantazopoulo, BRE

Premininary Results of the EST Wind Trials
- Jaryn Bradford, Energy Saving Trust

The small and microwind industry owe thanks to the funding sponsors of the Warwick Wind Trial including Pilkington Energy Trust, the Warwick District Council, Warcick County Council, BRE, and the Energy Savings Trust. Special thanks are due to Encraft who conceived and managed the trial.

The final report is here (warning this is a big file):
- Warwick Wind Trial final report, Encraft

And all the previous reports and much more information on the trial can be found on the Warwick Wind Trial website

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