03 January 2007

Boost as Ampair supports Mike Perham's Transatlantic Record

We're happy that 14-year old Mike Perham has today safely sailed single handed across the Atlantic and is now the youngest person to do so. We at Boost supported him via our Ampair renewable energy business by suplying specialist solar panels and regulators.

He and his father Mike Perham originally wanted to use our Ampair wind turbines or our Aquair water turbines, but because of the light displacement of their Tide 28 yachts we advised the use of solar panels. We reviewed their power needs and the deckspace available and selected the correct panels for the job. They took the Aquairs along but in the event they didn't need to use them.

You can read about the story on the BBC at and see a video of the arrival in Antigua. The Perham website is at www.sailmike.com.

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