25 September 2005

Boost intern steals limelight at regional STEP award

Last week Ahmed Mulla and I went along to the regional heats of the STEP scheme which were hosted by Shell in London. It was a super view from high up in their offices - almost level with the top of the London Eye. Ahmed gave an absolutely super explanation of what he had been up to with us and whilst the judges retired to consider all the projects all the other students congratulated him on his work in the expectation that he would win.

Unfortunately the organisers then announced that he was disqualified as he had been a STEP student before. This was something that he had always pointed out and nobody except the STEP programme director was aware that it was an issue, so it came as rather a shock.

Ahmed was very good about it, but the bottom line has to be tread very warily if considering participating in STEP.

09 September 2005

Boost intern wins local STEP award !

This morning I went along to the event where all the local area STEP students (Shell Technology Enterprise Programme) present their Summer internship projects. We were extremely proud that our student (Ahmed Mulla) won the local area competition and will now be a finalist in the regional competition.

Ahmed has been doing several pieces of research for us over the past two months, and prior to that provided holiday cover for us whilst one of our regular technicians went off on honeymoon for a month. Ahmed is an electrical engineering student studying at Cambridge University and he has been doing a series of structured projects for us in the field of renewable and distributed energy. Please excuse me if I don't give further details !

We were especially pleased because we had not even given him much assistance with the presentation of his project. At Boost we encourage, but give everybody room to learn - in his case he has done us proud. Well done Ahmed.

You can read more about Ahmed's experiences as an intern on our careers page - look down at the bottom for details of the job description, our evaluation of all the candidates who applied before the deadline, and Ahmed's comments on his time with us.

05 September 2005

Boost is recruiting

At Boost we are expanding our UK manufacturing operations and have vacancies for two technicians. The detailed job adverts are on our website here. It takes a lot of hard work to run an expanding manufacturing business in the UK, especially one within 50 miles of London, and so anybody who applies must be ready to contribute their utmost. The principal roles are assembling phase converters, wind and water turbines (renewable energy devices) and managing component stock levels etc.