28 April 2011

Delta Zeeland small wind turbine testfield update - March 2011

The latest March 2011 results are in from the Delta Zeeland wind trial:


These are a bit difficult to find - the easiest way is to go to


and search for the term 'testveld'

The reason I say this is because we are making changes to the Ampair website and I may move my blog to a separate location to make it easier to deal with press releases.

The Black 300 has been put up in place of the AirDolphin. A second anemometer has been put up at 17m, as well as the existing one at 12m. If my Dutch is correct the Turby has not been producing due to faults for a 3-month period but is now back in operation. The Ampair 600 continues to chug away.

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