16 October 2008

Tales of Alaskan woe, sort of ...

One of our distributors in the USA told us about a client in Alaska yesterday. They have just heard back from a client they sold a couple of sets of replacement turbine blades to for the Ampair 100. Apparently they were ordered because a communications relay tower stopped functioning mid way through a storm. Since it is a helicopter ride to go and fix the aerials, and since the turbines are half way up the tower, the client figured it was sensible to take spare blades along when they went out to fix the aerials which they reckoned must have blown off the tower, because they reckoned that the Ampair probably hadn't survived either.

The client has now given the second half of the story to us. Apparently they arrived on site to find that the storm had blown the entire tower over. But the Ampairs were still intact and in full operating order. The anemometer broke at about 140 mph during the storm, probably when the tower blew over.

Like I say to all our clients, "we don't aim to make an indestructible turbine because it would be too expensive for everyone, and anyway you can always find a way to break them, but we do try to make our turbines strong".



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