19 August 2008

Aquair 100 installation video

One of our clients down in Gibraltar had acquired some Aquair pieces and contacted us to get the balance and install it on the yacht. He has made this little video clip which shows how he did it.

The wind version has obviously been tied off with a piece of rope during installation. In the towed (water) mode have a slight preference that the Aquair is lashed on with rope because it gives a certain degree of flexibility in use to absorb shocks, but if you are going to hard-mount them then this is a good layout. Also we have a preference that the cable gland is on the bottom of the unit as that way any water will tend to drain away from the weak point of the gland. The wind turbine version is the Aquair 100 mounted on a pole mounting kit. Most Aquair users select the hoist in rigging kit but we make the different styles so that folk can select the one that best fits their boat.



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